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Mr Caleb Followill enjoying a pint in Dublin yesterday.

Too late I’m afraid, he’s already gone… 




I swore to myself that I would never reblog anything to do with cats.

I have broken the oath to myself. 

I feel like the samurai sword master in Kill Bill.

But this must be done.

gsfahaua mommy chased away the bad kitty dreams with her paw and hugged her baby omfg i’m scREAMING OMFG„

Forever and ever reblog


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The Kingsroad

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Upcoming Live Stream: USA vs. Canada on January 31, 2014


I know I’m a week early but I’m super excited for this match and people have already messaged me several times whether or not I’m streaming it and well the above link is the link to my streaming event page!

My stream will be in high quality from the Fox Sports 1 stream and as always, it is free and non-geo blocked, so it will be open for ALL fans here in the states and internationally. :-)

To watch my live stream during game time you are required to have either a account or Facebook login, just a minor thing. This enables you to watch the match, engage in the live chat with other fans, and follow me for future streams!

You can also watch the stream on any mobile device with the Official Livestream application! [App Store] [Google Play Store]. All you have to do is login on your account, search “USWNT” and click on “International Women’s Friendly: USA vs. Canada” should be the top result!

Let’s start off 2014 right!

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